Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs)

The folks most vulnerable to the current coronavirus are 60+ and they, especially, need to stay safe indoors. Daily living activities might be more difficult to navigate during these times. Here’s how you can help a neighbor, relative, or friend:

  • Cooking and preparing meals (porch delivery)
  • Cleaning and maintaining the exterior of the home
  • Shopping and buying necessities (porch delivery)
  • Running errands (porch delivery)
  • Speaking or communicating on the phone or through other devices

A word about elderly parents: it’s important to the overall well-being of elderly parents that their IADLs are taken care of effectively and consistently. If there are obstacles or difficulties with doing these tasks alone, there is help. Check out elder care services in your area. Whether it’s you, other siblings, relatives or friends that help out, or even professional caregivers, arranging help is possible. Other sources of help include technological devices that can provide assistance or even various community services geared at helping seniors. Taking an honest look at where an elderly parent needs support is the first step and then assess at all the possible solutions in order get them the help they need.

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