Practical Ideas for Changing Your Relationship to Isolation

A few tips for feeling less isolated:

  • Connect or reconnect with friends and family – staying in contact with loved ones can prevent loneliness and isolation. If your family don’t live with you, technology can help you stay in touch. Visit friends on video or through a phone call or write letters!
  • Get out and about – we may be living in a time of social distancing but you can still go for a walk, take a long drive, or stop by by a friend’s house with encouraging messages on poster board. Get at least 30 minutes of sunshine each day for a boost in mood.
  • Get involved in your community – We have access to so many online opportunities that help us engage with new people. Try a new hobby and connect with likeminded hobbyists on social media, join a club that meets online, join an online support group, or enroll in an online class. Try looking at your local library or community centre websites for things that might be interesting to you.
  • Volunteer – helping others is a great way to help yourself feel more connected. There are still volunteer opportunities that involve social distancing, the important thing is to shift your focus to how you can impact the lives of others.
  • Consider getting a pet –pets are wonderful companions and can provide comfort and support during times of stress, ill-health, or isolation.
  • Get support – If loneliness and social isolation are causing you distress, you should discuss your concerns with your doctor, counselor, or a trusted person. Check out our Community Resource page for support services.

Visit our Daily Challenges page for continuing ideas for staying healthy, remaining grounded, and feeling less isolated.

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