How to Deal

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? It’s an important month to celebrate (be mindful of?) every year, but it’s especially important in 2020. By this point, we’ve been quarantining for several weeks and slowly some states are opening back up. Is it the right time? Is it too soon? The numbers […]

Limiting Your Exposure to the News

We all want to stay informed, but is there a point at which compulsively checking for new headlines and inundating ourselves with the latest stats and on confirmed cases and deaths, details on the origins of the virus, what world leader is saying and doing what right now? According to psychiatrist and habit change specialist […]

Practical Ideas for Changing Your Relationship to Isolation

A few tips for feeling less isolated: Connect or reconnect with friends and family – staying in contact with loved ones can prevent loneliness and isolation. If your family don’t live with you, technology can help you stay in touch. Visit friends on video or through a phone call or write letters! Get out and about – […]

Stress Affecting Your Gut? These 4 Tips Can Help

When was the last time you checked in with yourself, particularly when it came to your stress levels? No matter the stressor, it’s important to consider the impact of stress on your health and well-being. After all, too much stress can take a mental and physical toll on your body — this includes wreaking havoc on your […]

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The Problem With Productivity

Whether we’re finding ourselves with more free time than before or we’re trying to perform our normal job duties from the new, monotonous, often chaotic home “offices,” we’re likely all feeling the pressure to be productive. Very productive. Just as productive as we normally are. Or, improbably, more productive, if only to prove that we’re […]

Helping a Child Through the Grief of Losing a Loved One

An insightful article from The Doughy Center, The National Center for Grieving Children & Families, at If you’re faced with telling a child or teen that a family member or friend in a hospital or care facility is likely to die soon, you might be feeling confused and overwhelmed. It’s never easy to share […]

Free Resources for Kids and Parents (Spanish Version Available)

Child Therapist and Children’s book author, Fernando Gonzalez, LCSW has created a Free Coronavirus Guide for Children that includes a short guide parents can use to start having conversations about coronavirus in a child friendly way (also available in Spanish). He also includes a page devoted to coronavirus resources for parents and caregivers. You can […]

The Oyster and the Butterfly: FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD

This children’s book by Ana Gomez, reminds young children of all the ways that they have the power to help themselves and others during this time of coronavirus and home isolation. It contains loads of colorful pictures and creative activities along with techniques for emotional regulation. A great book to talk with your kids about […]

Ten-Year-Old Seeks to Empower Other Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

Like many kids who are stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, ten-year-old Sydney was beginning to feel hopeless. But, instead of letting the feeling overtake her, she and her mom took action. Sydney knew that she had information that would make a difference if she got it out to other kids her age. So, […]


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2 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Good afternoon Advocacy for the Isolated,
    My name is Caitlin Tribit and I wanted to commend your website for providing vital community resources to help people in need. A leading health concern in America is alcoholism, which affects nearly 14 million people. My passion to help people recover from an alcohol use disorder lead me to join, an organization that focuses on producing high quality substance abuse and recovery content, and that hasn’t changed during the spread of COVID-19.

    I am reaching out to ask if you could add to your resources page Our website was founded on a passion to help people in need, and I believe that the right resources can make the difference in someone’s life. I am confident that our site will help those affected by alcoholism learn more about the issues surrounding it. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    1. Thanks for reaching out Caitlin! I’ve taken a look at your org’s website and would be happy to add it to our resource page.


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